1 thought on “Today’s Abstraction”

  1. An old acquaintance’s website is dark now. Likely that means she’s Passed On. The web-site had been a candle-light to memories of her being & thinking, memories tangent to her existence in me. It’s a bit overwhelming, and yet – bygones. Is it love?
    “Overwhelming” was a term used by a fragile friend referring to much of her life. Not in a good way. It cut her life short.
    Enjoyed our visit, you inviting me into the studio. Shared your story with fellow Paynes and electric vehicle enthusiasts. Hope to catch you again, perhaps this Spring. I’ve joked my Solterra is not a car you’d take to Omaha. Spouse Rose Ann is going off to hike some of the Pilgrimage to Santiago this Spring. Think I’ll do an EV pilgrimage to Omaha. More later.
    Groovy website.

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