Quotidian Printmaking Class

Jeffrey and I attended our first printmaking class at Flatbed Press on February 4-5, 2023. The Quotidian Print, a class title that instantly intrigued us, brought together a small cadre of enthusiastic and diverse students with a veteran printmaker, Kerry Maguire …

Today’s Abstraction

Those who live in Central Texas probably agree that Ashe juniper qualifies as a scourge that has proliferated at such an alarming rate that cedar forests are a common feature of the landscape. I applaud landowners who are arresting their spread by grubbing them up. This example was not only pulled up by its roots but also turned upside down, creating a surprising sculptural shape and offering a clear message about how much the tree

Payne Gap Plant Cornucopia

We are discovering a horticulturist’s cornucopia in Payne Gap. Our four-acre property and environs host a variety of surprising plant life that before now largely existed in anonymity under our feet. Thanks to the Seek app, we have been able to identify most of them, many of which local farmers and ranchers refer to as weeds, and often for good reason. My favorite discovery so far is London Rocket, a member of the Brassicales order,


What physical forces determine how a thing transitions to something else? For example, how does land turn to sky at the horizon line? I’m interested in these transitional states and how they work at the atomic level as well as their metaphorical potential. Something close to home presented itself recently that energized my interest in the concept: the late summer turning of Sumac leaves from green to brown. This process lasted a moment really, about

Prickly Flowers

On March 28, 2021, Jeffrey created these assemblages, announcing them as his first artworks created on the Payne Gap property. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, they are fabric flowers he found in a weathered heap of cemetery trash. He attached the found grave flowers to prickly pears. They are nearly believable, and I like the fusion of the two, artificial with real. I took these pictures at night with light from Jeffrey’s