Today’s (Sort of) Abstraction

^ Among the early images taken with our Sony Alpha 7R IV camera
^ Castle Gap Wind turbine, 2023-03-03

With yearly iterations that improve the iPhone camera system, I thought it would meet all my imaging needs. YET, I do miss the versatility and control that a full-size camera gives me. I haven’t photographed with one of those since my Minolta X-700 film camera that my parents bought me in high school, and gradually my memory of the basic controls is coming back. In the photo on this page, I understood immediately how to put the camera in Aperture-control mode to blur the background, just like I did in the film days. I also understood how to place the camera in full manual mode to shoot a ghostly image of a wind turbine.

That said, our new Sony Alpha 7R IV camera offers so many features, buttons, and menus that at the moment I’m overwhelmed. The highlight of the camera is its whopping sixty megapixel sensor, that’s 9,504 pixels x 6,336 pixels.

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