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2023/2024 Lighting of Souls

The Payne Gap Cemetery Association announces a third year of its “Lighting of Souls” fundraiser. For the 2023/2024 holiday season, the Payne Gap Cemetery offers the community an opportunity to place a flickering LED tribute candle on a monument in remembrance and celebration of a loved one at rest at the cemetery.

The association offers one tribute light per sponsored “soul” for a $10 donation, which includes the lamp, installation, and maintenance for one holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Years). The candle is solar powered, weather proof, and automatically turns on at sunset and turns off at sunrise.

In the grid view at the bottom of the page, the year in the “Tribute Season” column shows that the person has been sponsored for that particular year. If the current year is not listed, sponsorship is available.

All proceeds go to the Payne Gap Cemetery Association to help maintain and improve the cemetery. 

Send a check payable to “Payne Gap Cemetery Association,” along with a list of sponsored names, to:

Payne Gap Cemetery Association
c/o Samuel Duncan, Vice President
1511 FM 572 E
Goldthwaite, TX 76844

Alternatively, use PayPal to make your donation below―$10 per candle. Before completing your PayPal payment, make sure you list which person(s) you are sponsoring in the instruction field! Clicking the PayPal button below will open a new window, which will allow you to reference and copy names you want to sponsor from the grid at the bottom of this page into the instruction field. The field is labeled per the the example below.

Note that you can also set up a yearly donation to the Payne Gap Cemetery Association at checkout. This option allows you to conveniently and automatically send an amount to the association on an annual basis. The association thanks you in advance for choosing this option!

Send questions to [email protected], or call 817-240-8664.

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