The Eye of Conner Griffith

Artist Conner Griffith created this hypnotic montage entirely sourced from Wikipedia Commons, a vast repository for public domain images. The artist’s website reveals that he “is an animator and editor … interested in working with collections to explore the unexpected stories that can emerge from visual choreography and the relationship between sound and image.” The Rhode Island School of Design graduate worked in media and animation roles at both Apple and Google before becoming a freelancer.

I am fascinated by the video’s journey from microcosmic to cosmic, which reveals how our universe operates similarly regardless of scale. The central object remains circular, morphing through many subjects and showing the shape’s elemental meaning. Even the video plays in a loop, accentuating the circular trajectory of our world.

As others have pointed out, the video owes a debt to the Powers of Ten films created by the multidisciplinary design team of Charles and Ray Eames.

Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames

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