Art and Design

Payne Gap Schoolhouse Bed

Around November of 2021, we permanently moved into the schoolhouse, and until yesterday we were sleeping on a mattress placed on the floor. I started designing a bed in late July 2022 …

Today’s Abstraction

Those who live in Central Texas probably agree that Ashe juniper qualifies as a scourge that has proliferated at such an alarming rate that cedar forests are a common feature of the landscape. I applaud landowners who are arresting their spread by grubbing them up. This example was not only pulled up by its roots but also turned upside down, creating a surprising sculptural shape and offering a clear message about how much the tree

Today’s Abstraction

I heard that Zahad Hadid was working on a structure in Payne Gap! I wish. We encountered this curvaceous shape at Castle Gap Wind turbine site number 10. Sensual isn’t she? Next to her, we’ve got a shot taken straight from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

Today’s Abstraction

If you don’t regularly work with round hay bales, you might be confused about what’s going on here. If you work with them, then you’ll know this is not a giant red crayon skewer. I saw this and immediately got a charge from this bright red point pushing through the hay.

Today’s Abstraction

If you have an artist’s eye, and you’re scanning the landscape while driving, sometimes a composition like this demands you stop your car and take a picture. That’s exactly what happened in this case. One can imagine that a precisionist artist like Charles Sheeler would have similarly responded. This geometric, artificial overlay of colorful guide wires applies an illusion of order on top of the landscape, yet it also brings pure aesthetic excitement.

Castle Gap Wind Turbine Foundation

Yesterday Jeffrey and I spent part of the afternoon surveying construction sites related to the Castle Gap Wind. It’s a project that is precipitating a dramatic change to our property. Construction crews have finished the rebar foundation base to wind turbine number 6, located among a collection of turbines along the western part of the project. When we encountered this massive, sculptural object, we immediately knew that we wanted to create a video that conveyed

Shearing Day!

Twice a year, shearers arrive at the ranch to give our Angora goats a haircut. This spring, the Castareno brothers took care of our small flock of about thirty goats. It’s a marvel to see the skill involved in quickly shearing a goat!