Jeffrey and Sam

2023/2024 Lighting of Souls

The Payne Gap Cemetery Association announces a third year of its “Lighting of Souls” event. For the 2023/2024 holiday season, the Payne Gap Cemetery offers the community an opportunity to place a flickering LED tribute candle on a monument in remembrance and celebration of a loved one at rest at the cemetery …

Deep Beauty

In 2019 Swift Current Energy collected a large number of geological core samples in preparation for the Castle Gap Wind Project, which will start construction in 2022. In August 2019 we were asked by the project developer to store the samples in the schoolhouse until they were no longer needed. We kept about ninety boxes until early January 2021, when the developers notified us that they no longer needed them. In early January 2022 we

Rock “Buoy” Sculpture as a Practical Vessel

We wrote about the evolution of Jeffrey’s “buoy” sculptures in an earlier post, and as we spend time admiring them, we realize they have practical uses. This afternoon we arranged some buffalo gourds in the wire “bowl,” which underscores how they can simultaneously function as sculpture and useful objects. Jeffrey can make you one similar to the picture above for $1,400. Other sizes can be quoted. Contact him for the details.

Payne Gap Plant Cornucopia

We are discovering a horticulturist’s cornucopia in Payne Gap. Our four-acre property and environs host a variety of surprising plant life that before now largely existed in anonymity under our feet. Thanks to the Seek app, we have been able to identify most of them, many of which local farmers and ranchers refer to as weeds, and often for good reason. My favorite discovery so far is London Rocket, a member of the Brassicales order,

Junk Box to Jewel Box

This historic jewel box has been the storage facility for the Duncan family since Glenn Dale Duncan started ranching. Our first step in getting the Payne Gap project off the ground was to empty the schoolhouse. Sam and I cleaned out the unrecylclable and unusable items first. We recycled over sixty tires in the summer of 2019! We organized all the junk into categories. Some of the historic items were placed with the Mills County

Let There Be Light!

With ten windows, each six feet high, the schoolhouse’s defining feature is light. On August 18, 2021, we installed our first electric light fixture. And what a better place to install it than the front porch! After an extensive hunt, we decided on Schoolhouse’s Alabax surface mounted fixture in navy blue. We felt that a primary blue helps to convey a classroom environment. From Schoolhouse’s website: “Using simple, tulip-like silhouettes originally found in fixtures from


What physical forces determine how a thing transitions to something else? For example, how does land turn to sky at the horizon line? I’m interested in these transitional states and how they work at the atomic level as well as their metaphorical potential. Something close to home presented itself recently that energized my interest in the concept: the late summer turning of Sumac leaves from green to brown. This process lasted a moment really, about

Wood, Rock, Wire, Fashion

Jeffrey Lee’s artistic trajectory took off once some prescient advisors at Baylor University recognized that his talent needed cultivation at a specialized art school. His short time at Baylor soon transitioned to studying at Parsons School of Design, where he focused on fashion and graduated in 1991. Fashion has always informed Jeffrey’s artistic vision, and many of his sculptural works take cues from fashion conventions. His buoy series of sculptures came from finding some old

Sculpting a Foundation

We learned a lot about concrete this week, especially about the artistry of the crew that sculpted this ubiquitous material into our new floor. Lampasas Trucking and Redi-Mix delivered fourteen yards of concrete to the site on June 16, 2021, and within about five hours the job was finished. The series of pictures below show the progression from the old pier and beam floor to the new concrete one.